Three Phase UPS


Ultron Family: >10kVA UPS

The Ultron family is a series of high efficiency online UPSs offering outstanding power protection solutions for all types of businesses. The Ultron units include the DPS Series, covering the power ratings of 60/80/120/160/200/300/400/kVA with exceptional power performance and unparalleled efficiency; the EH series for power ratings of 10/15/20 kVA, providing reliable power protection with the best total cost of ownership; the HPH series with power ratings of 20/30/40 kW, delivering best-in-class power protection with maximum power and cost efficiency, and the NT Series, which offers flexible customization for optimal performance within the broad spectrum of 20 to 500 kVA.

The Ultron family’s mid to large scale UPSs offer the perfect power protection solution for SMBs, telecommunications, banking, and medical facilities. These UPSs provide the best possible safeguard against unexpected disruptions to the power supply of critical IT applications in both IT rooms and in midsize to large datacenters. Ultron units can be relied upon for a wide range of different application needs, with many options available for power protection of the outstanding features, including dual input design, high energy-efficiency UPS, parallel expansion UPS , three phase PFC UPS, and N+X redundant configuration.

Modulon Family: >20kVA Modular UPS

When investing in a higher-load uninterruptible power source (UPS) for a network or data center, the benefits of opting for a modular power supply make it the optimal choice for many companies. Modular UPS units are fast replacing standard UPS units as the most cost effective and energy efficient power sources on the market today.

Delta’s Modulon family UPS Series features three-phase modular UPSs for power rating requirements above 20kVA that serve as power protection for mission-critical infrastructure such as datacenters, mid to large network equipment, and more. The highly efficient UPSs within the Modulon family include the DPH Series (25kW ~ 200kW), which is a fully rated power (kVA=kW) UPS that provides ultimate availability with its self-synchronized power and control module, and the NH Plus Series (20kVA ~ 120kVA), which offers a remarkably low total cost of ownership (TCO). Both NH Plus and DPH support dual input. In addition to vertical expansion in a single rack, both offer parallel expansion up to 4 units.

The DPH series is an ideal option for mid-sized data centers and networks. It combines expanded power with high availability and built-in redundant components, to provide a leading modular UPS unit for data centers with loads between 25kW and 200kW of power needs. The NH Plus series, meanwhile, offers a variety of affordable options for various power ratings between 20kVA and 120 kVA.