UPS Software

UPSentry-2012-software-01(en) (1)Delta’s power management software family, including InsightPower Manager, InsightPower Client,UPSentry Smart, and Shutdown Agent, empowers users with the highest levels of oversight and control over UPS systems. Our software is engineered to provide our clients with easy-to-use tools to manage, analyze, configure, remotely monitor, and even shut down UPS systems, so that they may remain connected off-site and protect the data and equipment from anywhere, even under adverse circumstances. When operating technologically advanced equipment, regular monitoring and attention to detail is of the essence. Complex hardware and its power requirements must be monitored in order to ensure that the conditions required for their optimal functioning are met. Delta’s suite of power management software enables users to achieve this and more, putting all the power necessary to deploy our UPS systems to their full potential, into the hands of our clients.

The best power management software facilitates seamless communication between an operating system (either on- or off-site) and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Delta’s software family is conveniently accessible through a web browser and can assist users in the ongoing protections of UPS units against a variety of events that could disrupt their functioning. Under some circumstances, it may be necessary for users to check on or interact with UPS units immediately while unable to access a computer. Delta’s InsightPower Manager and InsightPower Client can communicate with users through email or SMS, noticing emergency and abnormal alarm to avoid disaster. The ability to log in and track the UPS from off-site is a truly modern solution of unparalleled efficiency. Remote login permits users to monitor or shut down multiple UPS systems at once. By enabling businesses to remotely maintain full control of their UPS systems, Delta’s intuitive, easy-to-use Delta allows businesses to keep the flow of power stable and reliable under all circumstances.