DPM-C530A Series

DPM-C530A Series Delta’s Power Meter DPM-C530A provides precise measurement of various power parameters including power factor, harmonics, current, voltage, and more. It is also equipped with an over-limit alarm and history logs storage for real-time monitoring purposes. The DPM-C530A is the perfect match for energy management systems and facilities that have high requirements for power quality control.


Electricity consumption analysis, medium / low voltage power distribution panels, energy management systems



  • Supports power quality measurement, including three-phase current, voltage, power range, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics, total harmonic distortion, unbalance and more
  • Highly precise measurement of bidirectional electrical energy and power parameters, meeting Class 0.5S of IEC62053 and CNS14607 standards
  • White-light widescreen LCD with high resolution
  • Language customization: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English
  • Built-in 8M bytes of storage for max. 2 months of power and electrical energy measurement values for history analysis
  • Up to 500 units of event records, the highest capacity in the industry
  • Built-in RS-485 communication port supports Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Designed with an IP52 rating and CE safety approval