Gateway Type 1-Channel Pulse Remote Module

ASD-DMC-GE01PH The GE01PH pulse remote module acquires and controls pulse signals. It must be attached to a GA01 remote power coupler on the DMCNET network for remote control.







  • DIN rail Installation
  • Supply voltage: 24VDC (15% ~ 20%)
  • ESD: 8KV Air Discharge
  • EFT: Power Line-2KV
  • Digital I/O 1KV
  • RS: 80MHz ~ 1GHz, 10V/m
  • Operating temperature: : 0°C ~ 50°C

Pulse Interface Input Port (GE01PH Input)

  • Input circuit type: Single common port input
  • Input signal type: SINK
  • Input signal voltage (Sensor): 24VDC (5mA)
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Action level (OFF → ON): >16.5VDC
  • Trigger level (ON → OFF): <8VDC
  • Input signal is 5VDC and differential type only:
  • Maximum input pulse frequency: QA+, QB+, QZ+, QA-, QB-, QZ-: 4MHz (5mA/1 point)

Pulse Interface Output Port (GE01PH Output)

  • Output circuit type: Transistor
  • Output signal type: SINK
  • Output signal voltage: 5 ~ 24VDC (30mA/1 point)
  • Response frequency: SVON, RALM: 1KHz (30mA/1 point)
  • Output circuit type: RS-422
  • Output signal type: differential
  • Output signal voltage: 5 ~ 24VDC (30mA/1 point)
  • Maximum output pulse frequency: CW, CCW: 4MHz (30mA/1 point)