4-Channel Pulse Remote Module

ASD-DMC-RM04PI_M The RM04PI pulse remote module controls 4 channels of stepping motor signals for the DMCNET master on the DMCNET network for remote control.







  • 4 channels of 200KHz pulse outputs (Pulse +Direction, CCW pulse +CW pulse, A phase + B phase)
  • 4 channels of 200KHz pulse inputs (CCW pulse +CW pulse, A phase + B phase)
  • Digital Inputs x8 / Digital Outputs x8
  • Built-in Positive / Negative Limit and Home for each channel
  • In Mode 1, each RM04PI module occupies one node number only, and interpolation motion is carried out within one module.

-4 channels occupy 1 node number only

-4 channels occupy one PDO and SDO

-Performs interpolation motion of 4 channels within one RM04PI module only

-Transfers data in cyclical patterns

-Motion commands set by parameters

-Point-to-Point motion mode, motion position calculation is performed within one RM04PI module

  • In Mode 2, each RM04PI module occupies node numbers 1~4, which correspond to 4 channels. The interpolation motion can be carried out among different modules.