Industrial Grade Controller System – ICON PRO SERIES

Industrial-grade-control-systemThe Delta Icon Pro controller is a multi-screen graphics controller running on the Windows® Platform. The Icon Pro Series controller drives multiple cubes to form one large logical screen called a video wall or a data wall. It is designed for capturing, displaying and managing the varied sources on the Video wall. ICON pro controller is a configurable system and can drive multiple Video walls having up to 100 units or more. It’s flexible enough to display local applications, network-streamed desktops, and direct-connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and at any size on the wall, all within your 24/7 control room. ICON pro offers the information you need to see, in the way you wish to see it and where you wish to see.

Features and Benefits

Operating systems:

Runs on all standard Windows® operating systems support 32 bit/64 bit system. It also offers support for Linux® Emulation to ensure easy integration with Unix/ Linux work stations.


Icon pro series controller can support a variety of Intel processors such as Dual core, Quard Core Xeon, i3 and i7 processors to deliver the optimal performance for displaying high-end visualisation applications

In built redundancy:

ICON Pro series is designed for continuous 24/7 operation, specifically for mission – critical visualization environments where availability of detailed information to make effective decision is the key. Icon Pro has in built redundancy for critical component for uninterrupted operation
• Redundant hot-swap power supplies
• Redundant hot-swap HDD
• Redundant Ethernet
• Redundant Fans
• Redundant controller

Advanced processing architecture:

Icon pro controller supports PCI- express, switch fabric and intelligent high-bandwidth backplane architecture, creating a true non-blocking communication infrastructure for high demanding applications. This architecture provides a significant increase of PCI bandwidth which is best realized when multiple RGB input sources are included in the system configuration.

Input/ Output resolution capability:

Icon Pro is able to capture and display a wide range of visual sources (i.e. SD video/ HD video/DVI/ RGB/Component / HD-SDI/ IP streams) with resolution support up to 4k and drive all types of digital and Analog display devices with a native resolution up to WUXGA.

Powerful Universal Inputs:

ICON pro series controller can be configured to specific direct input connection requirements. It supports single / dual link DVI signal, Analog RGB and component video inputs and display input signals at full frame rate – no dropped frames regardless of output window size – while maintaining perfect visualization. Each source can be positioned any where on wall, up to any size

Streaming video Inputs:

Icon Pro controller supports decoding of multiple camera types, multiple formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264), custom formats and resolutions from QCIF, D1 to megapixel. Decoding and display of video streams using RTP, RTSP, TCP, UDP and IP network protocols including Unicast and Multicast protocol is possible .Hundreds of IP video streams can be decoded and displayed across any large video wall.

Diagnostic & Remote monitoring options:

Icon pro series controller can monitor the health of the complete system including power supply, CPU, fan, temperature and chassis intrusion detection etc. System can generate a LAN alert- SNMP trap in case of critical component failure (i.e. power supply failure) and record in a log file for future reference. System monitoring is possible locally as well as from a remote location.