Embedded Vision Control System- MiNiCON

Non-Blocking Fabric Switch Technology

Non-Blocking Fabric Switch technology is one of the key technologies of MiNiCON system. It’s the new generation of crossbar network developed by Delta Electronics. Multiple point-to-point communication links can be interconnected and multiplexed arbitrarily to increase the bandwidth exponentially and bring higher practical value to customer.

Using Non-Blocking Fabric Switch technology, the MiNiCON offers 15 slots, each of which has the bandwidth of 10Gbps. With high equality and independence, each slot can support any type of input or output video card, which makes the system configuration more flexible and convenient. User can flexibly arrange the arrays of input and output cards according to actual usage scenario.

  • The slot location is fixed. It only allows user to plug in the corresponding processing card into the specified slot. Customer cannot flexibly configure the system upon some special requirements.
  • The bandwidth and processing capability is limited. Increasing of input signals will consume the processing capability and bandwidth of the conventional centralized controllers remarkably and cause the slow-response of controllers and decline of video frame.

Real-time processing technology

As the amount of video processing data is very large, we adopt caching as solution: Pre-store the image. For instance, the current one-minute image data is stored, while last one-minute image data is being encoded, transmitted, decoded and displayed. Then the current one-minute will be handled after one minute.

The algorithm of cashing processing method is very simple. It’s no need to detect the image, just to handle the already stored image data. The handled image is is displayed smoothly and has high quality. Even so, the caching method cannot meet the requirement of real-time display in many application scenarios. For example, traffic monitoring and real-time railway scheduling has high requirement on real-time display.

MiNiCON adopts real-time processing technology to handle, transmit and decode the image captured by input processing cards. With high processing data capability and super-wide bandwidth, MiNiCON guarantees 60fps output signal, which achieves smooth and real-time image display.

Lossless Image Display

With the development of information technology, people have higher demand on the quality of video image. The quality and resolution of image has reached an unprecedented level. Employing high data processing technology and super-wide bandwidth, MiNiCON transmits the image in its original quality to back-end display device by cutting and combining image, which guarantees high-quality image display.

Stitching synchronization technology

Another core technology of stitching display wall system is stitching synchronization. Employing stitching synchronization technology developed by Delta Electronics, MiNiCON processes the data captured and transmitted by input processing card and display card synchronously, which guarantees the real-time and synchronous image display on display wall. Besides, MiNiCON adopts internal/external frame sync so that all display images are fully synchronized, to meet the customer requirement on synchronization.