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Purchase an Extended Warranty 

As of the 1st of April 2016, if you have purchased an Delta RPI inverter with a 5 year warranty, you can extend your warranty by 5 years within your original warranty period. 

A Extended warranty can only be purchased once allowing your RPI inverter a maximum of 10 years.

To verify your warranty period, please register your product with us.

  1. Create an account here
  2. Activate your account via email (any issues with activation, contact our support 1300 33582 3)
  3. Make sure you have an uploadable purchase invoice ready (pdf or image)
  4. Login and register your RPI inverter here
  5. Submit form
  6. Upload your purchase invoice of your installation
  7. Follow Paypal prompts to purchase additional 5 year warranty

If you have any issues, please contact our support at 1300 DELTA E or read the FAQs below.



What if I have lost the purchase invoice/date of commissioning?

If the invoice is no longer obtainable, the warranty will be based on the inverter’s manufacturing date.


How long do I have before I cannot purchase an extended warranty?

You can only purchase an extended warranty if your original 5 year warranty has not elapsed.


How does Delta keep track of which RPI inverters are 5 or 10 year inverters?

Delta has a database with the serial numbers of RPI inverters sold under a 5 year warranty.