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Product FAQs and Videos

The inverter is showing an error message – does it need to be replaced?
Inverters are usually the only intelligent component in a solar system. They are designed with the ability to detect and report errors in your system. Not every error message implies a fault in the inverter. Please ensure you contact a Delta Technician prior to applying for a replacement.


Delta RPI Power Factor setting Tutorial


Delta RPI Alarm Programming Tutorial


Warranty Information

What is covered by the warranty?
All our products are warranted against defects due to a manufacturing fault during the warranty period. The warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, neglect, shipping accident, incorrect installation, and no fault found with the product or work carried out by anyone other than an accredited installer.

Keep in mind that the replacement product inherits the warranty of the original unit. Therefore the warranty start date remains unchanged.

How long is the warranty period for my product?

Product Model / Series Warranty Period
Solar RPI 5 years
SOLIVIA 10 years
Deleco 10 years
UPS Single Phase UPS (including battery banks) 3 years
Three Phase UPS (to 100KVA including onsite product repair) 2 years

Replacement Policies

What is the freight process?
Our designated courier will ship the inverter to the shipping address provided in the RMA. The inverter should be correctly packaged. The original unit must be packaged in the same box the replacement unit is sent in (click here to view the packaging video). If the inverter is damaged during transport due to poor packaging, Delta will reserve the right to void the warranty and invoice you for the costs incurred for the replacement inverter including freight.

To organise the collection, please complete the collection form at http://support.delta-es.com.au/collection-request/

Delta will cover the cost of freight in both directions.

Will I be Reimbursed?
Delta reimburses up to $150 to the company assisting with the replacement. To include GST, please send us an invoice addressed to Delta Energy Systems Australia including RMA number. This is a fixed rate and any other associated costs (ie. travel, admin, etc.) are not covered in this warranty.

Reimbursements are paid after the field inverter(s) are returned and tested. If bank details are not provided in the RMA form and no invoice is provided, you will not be reimbursed. If you wish to issue an invoice to include GST, the RMA number must be provided on the invoice or the invoice will be disregarded. Invoices MUST be issued within 60 days after the original inverter has been picked up.

Website Troubleshoot

Having trouble with the website?
Our portal is designed for browsers IE8+, FireFox, and Chrome only. While using one of the support browsers, please ensure you have a stable internet connection. Please also note, the form page will timeout if the page is left unattended for a long duration. To avoid timeout issues, please have all required documents ready to use when filling out the form.

Once I submit the form, what should happen?
You will receive an email confirming your RMA Form has been successfully added to our database.

Can I sell a replacement inverter?
Replacement inverters are refurbished units and should not be sold to customers even if they look new. However, if the inverter failed within the first 60 days of installation, you may receive a brand new inverter. Proof of the installation date must be provided to obtain a brand new unit.

What if I do not receive any emails?
There are many possibilities that could interfere with you receiving emails. If you are encountering this, please contact us.

What if the end customer is asking for compensation for power loss?
Delta Energy Systems Australia is a manufacturer and is only responsible for the inverter. We give a generous $150 reimbursement for replacement jobs and do not cover any loss in power production (please refer to our warranty).


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