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Delta’s Vivitek Qumi Q6 LED Mobile Projector Wins the 2015 Good Design Award

By Delta on November 19th, 2015

Delta receives the Good Design Award for its Vivitek branded Qumi Q6 mobile projector in Tokyo


Delta Electronics, a leading global company in smart green solutions, received the Good Design Award for its Vivitek brand Qumi Q6 LED mobile projector at an award ceremony held in Tokyo. On behalf of Delta, Mr. C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan), attended the ceremony to receive the award.


Qumi Q6 is well equipped with all the functions necessary for a projector in such a compact design,” commented a judge for the Good Design Award. “When the Qumi Q6’s built-in wireless functionality connects with a smartphone, tablet, or PC, it enhances personal applications in addition to conventional business applications.”


The Qumi Q6 is a mobile projector that weights as little as 475 grams, has a brightness of up 800 lumens and a 30,000 contrast ratio. Despite its compactness, the Q6 can project up to 50 inches in a bright environment, 70 inches in a dim environment, and 90 inches in a dark environment. Users can easily carry the Q6 around in a briefcase and enjoy its large screen projection at business meetings while a conventional projector requires space and fixtures. The Q6 is also equipped with an LED of over 30,000 hours of  light, allowing users to reduce operating cost especially when changing the globe is not necessary.


The annual Good Design Award started in 1957 and it is hosted by Japan Institute of Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation, and is the only award ceremony in Japan to comprehensively evaluate the design and functionality of a wide range of products annually. Applications are submitted from a wide range of fields, and roughly 1200 designs are recognized every year. Over 59 years, around 42,000 designs have been recognised. Recipients of the Good Design Award are granted use of the G Mark symbol, which has been a symbol of certified designs for over half a century.


Since 2011, when the Qumi projector series was first launched it has won many design awards from professional media around the world for its stylish appearance and opulent interfaces. These awards include the British “AV Awards 2011 Finalist “, the Americas “PRODUTO DO ANO EDITOR” annual Editor’s Choice, as well as China’s “PC HOME” Best Creative New Product Award and Best Design Award.


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