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Quality Assurance with Delta’s Machine Vision System

By Delta on September 28th, 2015

Delta provides machine vision system for quality assurance in automatic solar silicon wafer separator.

Delta Industrial Automation (IA) has recently provided a solar silicon manufacturer in China with an automatic solar silicon wafer separator solution for quality issues in the separation process that also improves inspection accuracy and efficiency for the customer.

The automatic solar silicon wafer separator is used mainly for separating stacked silicon wafers, and locating them into wafer cassettes for cleaning. During the separation process, silicon wafers are fragile and can easily break, leaving fragments in the separator. The device requires a machine vision system to detect the fragments, which are then eliminated. The customer requires a machine vision system that detects fragment sizes up to 2 mm and that adopts non-backlight light due to water in the production area. The machine vision system also needs a space-saving monitor due to the limited space.

The solution adopts Delta’s Machine Vision System DMV Series., featuring inspection functions with high speed processing, high precision, multitasking capabilities, and a user-friendly interface. It greatly helps in reducing the risk of fault detection and effectively eliminating fragments to improve production efficiency and quality.

The DMV Series features a wide range of visual inspection functions, including detection on area, edge position, edge width, edge count, edge angle, stain inspection, and blob, as well as pattern verification, shape matching, OCV, coordinate calculation, angle calculation, trend edge, auto-alignment, coordinate searching, and more. The DMV Series also has a built-in flash with a regular output control function and dual-lens operation synchronization function, reducing hardware construction cost for customers. The DMV system also supports the most frequently used industrial networks, such as RS-232, RS-485, industrial Ethernet and IO interfaces, to rapidly transmit data to host controllers (PLCs) and connect current control devices. The DMV Series is perfect for applications using various industrial automation systems.

In addition, the client adopted Delta’s high color, high resolution Human Machine Interface (HMI) DOP-B10VS511 Series. It allows users to easily complete settings with user-friendly icons or keys and supports VGA signal display for real-time monitoring and rapid adjustment and setting. The solution was praised by the customer for its high-efficiency and practicality.

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Machine Vision System DMV


Touch Panel HMI DOP-B10VS511