RPI M6A /M8A / M10A

RPI M6A /M8A / M10A


Delta RPI – Commercial series of transformerless PV inverter converts the sunlight energy generated by solar panels into grid-compatible current. Delta’s industrial cutting-edge technology presents the industrial leading efficiency as high as 98.3% and durable quality PV inverter to ensure your PV system operation.

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Transformerless inverter
  • Dual MPP Trackers
  • High efficiency up to 98.3%
  • Wide working voltage range
  • Built-in AC/DC Switch
  • DC relay protection
  • Ultra light weight design
  • IP65 Protection
  • Wi-Fi / Ethernet (Optional)


User Manual

Certificate and Test Report


M6A / M8A / M10A Specifications


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