RPI H3A / H4A / H5A

RPI H3A / H4A / H5A


In the category of single phase PV inverter, Delta offers the RPI-Home series PV inverters with 2kW to 5kW power. These inverters with IP65 protection class are suitable for indoor/outdoor and rooftop solar systems from 2kW up installation to feed power into the low voltage network.

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Transformerless design
  • Dual MPP Trackers
  • Fanless design enhancing product life
  • Wide voltage range
  • Peak efficiency 97.5%
  • Optional wifi / ethernet
  • LCD display
  • Aluminum die-cast enclosure
  • IP65 protection level
  • Easy installation
  • Wall mountable



AS4777 IEC62109 VDE-AR-N-4105
363KB 79.5KB 253KB



High Quality Protection Design
RPI-Home series is designed with IP65 protection level and fast connector features to enhance the performance under outdoor environment.
High Efficiency Performance
Dual MPP Trackers give more flexibility to PV system with multiple strings facing different angels & perform maximum yields with highest efficiency up to 97.5%.


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