Rack Accessories

Rack Accessories


Delta offers a wide range of rackmount solutions, rackmount kits, and accessories for datacenter applications. If your application requires a modular server rack, Delta’s rack solution increases space utilization and offers increased heat dissipation through its intelligent perforation design. Server rack modularity is essential for modern datacenters, and offers the ideal answer for your next application. With its full range of datacenter infrastructure products, Delta’s industry-leading solutions will fulfill your needs and perform beyond your expectations.

Delta’s array of high-quality components can be combined in many different configurations for the total customization of your new or existing modular rack unit. The range of options means that you don’t need to feel limited by the constraints of the available hardware as you design and build the perfect rack unit configuration to meet the demands of your system. Delta’s rack mount accessory options allow you to choose the components that match your vision for your rack mount system, and make that optimal system a reality, instead of struggling to enable your datacenter applications to work correctly despite inappropriate hardware.

The versatility of Delta rackmount accessories ensures their successful adaptation for use in datacenter applications across many different industries, from medicine to telecommunications to the financial sector. And with Delta rack unit solutions, you have options, every step of the way. There’s no reason to settle for accessories that are almost right for your rack case–our range of products puts the ideal components within your reach.

Choosing a modular rack mount offers many benefits for your system, including the ability to expand in the future while retaining some or all of your existing hardware. As part of our modular server racks, Delta accessories enable superior ventilation and heat dissipation. A customized rack & accessories from Delta can guard cables against damage while keeping them organized and easily accessible, with the use of cable ladders and troughs, cable rings, and cable management channels (available in either vertical or horizontal orientation, to match your system and the space in which it’s held). With the proper accessories, your rack case will enable easy access for maintenance and upgrades while protecting your system and your data. The peerless quality of Delta hardware extends to even the smallest components, with results that deliver unparalleled reliability and performance.

Product Description

1 U Fixed Shelf
1U Fixed Shelf
Model: MSR1111
Weight: 7 kg
Dimensions: W480.5xD664xH44 mm
1 U Sliding Shelf
1U Sliding Shelf
Model: MSR1112
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: W482xD718xH44 mm
Bottom Perforated Cover
Bottom Perforated Cover
Model: MSR1114
Weight: 6.70 kg
Dimensions: W538xD835.8xH39 mm
1 U Blanking Panel
1U Blanking Panel
Model: MSR1115 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.17 kg
Dimensions: W482.6xH43.7xT1.0 mm
2 U Blanking Panel
2U Blanking Panel
Model: MSR1116 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.33 kg
Dimensions: W482.6xH88xT1.0 mm
Power Trough
Power Trough with Through-hole
Model: MSR1117
Weight: 4.12 kg
Dimensions: W580xD320xH190 mm
Cable Trough
Cable Trough
Model: MSR1118
Weight: 1.98 kg
Dimensions: W580xD75xH125 mm
Cable Trough with Through Hole
Cable Through with Through-hole
Model: MSR1119
Weight: 1.74 kg
Dimensions: W580xD75xH125 mm
Vertical Cable Management Channel
Vertical Cable Management Channel
Model: MSR9001 (2 pcs)
Weight: 1.90 kg
Dimensions: W53xD63xH888 mm
1 U Cable Management Channe
1U Horizontal Cable Management Channel
Model: MSR9002
Weight: 0.97 kg
Dimensions: W482xD50xH44 mm
Magnetic Switch
Magnetic Switch
Model: MSR9003
Weight: 0.05 kg
Dimensions: W45xD33xH50 mm
300mm Cable Ladder
Cable Ladder (300mm wide)
Model: MSR9005
Weight: 4.54 kg
Dimensions: W300xD50xH1560 mm
150mm Cable Ladder
Cable Ladder (150mm wide)
Model: MSR9006
Weight: 3.90kg
Dimensions: W150xD50xH1580 mm
Cable Ring
Cable Ring
Model: MSR9008 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.013kg
Dimensions: W45xD85xH5 mm
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