Power Distribution Cabinet

Power Distribution Cabinet


For power distribution requirements of medium to large data centers, Delta’s Power Distribution Cabinet (PDC) provides an optimal solution. The space-saving PDC is easy to move and adapt to future reconfigurations of the data center. The PDC offers superior power protection and monitoring, and the flexibility & scalability to match your actual power distribution requirements. Not only does it improve availability, it reduces the cost of your initial investment.

Power Distribution Cabinet

Scalable and configurable for Present and Future Demands

Product Description

Features & Benefits


  • Configurable circuit breaker panel
  • LCD display supporting multiple languages
  • Recording more than 500 event logs
  • Monitoring the current of each branch circuit breaker
  • Built-in RS232 interface for remote monitoring
  • Six built-in six contact closure outputs
  • Two built-in SNMP interfaces increasing availability


  • Local and remote emergency power off functions
  • Current unbalance and phase sequence error alarm
  • Optional K-factor isolation transformer enhancing safety and reduces harmonics
  • Optional lightning surge protection module


  • Easy to relocate, reducing investment costs
  • Two built-in sets of panelboards with 42 poles each
  • Optional transformers for different output voltages
  • Hot-swappable output breaker

Technical Specifications

PDC 80 / PDC 125
[PDC 80]: 80kVA
[PDC 125]: 125 kVA
Rated voltage
220/380 Vac, 3 phase 3 wire+ ground, or 3 phase 4 wire+ ground
Voltage tolerance range
50 / 60 Hz ±5% (Automatic detection)
Rated voltage
220/380 Vac, 3 phase 4 wire+ ground,
Total switching capacity
Based on actual product specifications
Switchboard type
Two groups of switchboards and 42 poles each
Shunt switch type
Hot-swap switch capacity: 15 / 20 / 30A,
Optional: 1/2/3 pole
Input-Output Type
97.5% (Full-load)
LCD Display
Temperature, ground current, System overheat alarm, V-Loss Alarm, Voltage Imbalance Alarm, Ground Fault Alarm
Blue light 4.9” graphic interface.
Phase voltage, line voltage, phase current, line current, load(%), iTHD, total kVA, total kW, total kWh, Over voltage/over current alarm, under-voltage/nder current alarm, Over line current alarm, iTHD abnormal alarm
Total output
Phase voltage, line voltage, phase current, line current, frequency, neutral current, load(%), kVA, kW, kWh, power factor, VTHD, iTHD, Over voltage/over current alarm, under-voltage/under current alarm, Over line current alarm, iTHD abnormal alarm, VTHD abnormal alarm, power factor abnormal alarm
Output shunt plate
phase current, kVA, kW, kWh, load (%), iTHD, power factor, line current, over current alarm, under current alarm, Over line current alarm, iTHD abnormal alarm, power factor abnormal alarm
Output shunt
Current, load (%), over current alarm, under current alarm
Environment (instant and alarm), transformers (two stage-alarm)
Regulatory Compliance
Electromagnetic interference
Communication interface
RS232 x 1, dry contact x 6, SNMP slot x 2
Optional accessories
Lightning protector
Size (width, depth, height)
600 x 1090 x 2000mm standard 19” cabinet
Excluding transformer: 225kg, including H transformer: 80kVA: 525 kg, 125 kVA: 630 kg
These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us or our distributors in your region for the latest specs.


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