InsightPower Manager

InsightPower Manager


Product Description

Functions and Features of Power Management Software

■  Centralized UPS management system
■  Supports RS232, RS485 and network SNMP communications
■  Supports backend database connections
■  Hierarchical design for limitless connection nodes
■  Configurable response action
■  SNMP card setup in batch
■  Remote and local UPS on-the-spot monitoring and management
■ Provides statistical reports
■  Can set up timed power on/off and testing time
■  Supports inquiring events and historical data in database from other workstations with the accompanying InsightPower Manager Client program
Power Management Software

Operating System Support

■  Supports Microsoft Windows, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, 2008
■  Diagrammatic sketch of operating system :

Power Management Software Flow Model


■  Table: Displays UPS status in all or by group
■  Hierarchical graph: Displays location of UPS object for fast review of status indicator, block diagram and real time data in selected region

Display – Delta Power Management Software

Responsive Actions

■  Event log
■  Network broadcasting
■  Voice alert
■  Email
■  SMS
Responsive Action – Delta Power Management Software

Event Tracking

■  Log UPS events and operation record in sequence of date and time
■  Supports historical data and curve display as well as exporting as files in Excel format
■  Supports statistical report generation in a specified time range

Event Tracking - Delta Power Management SoftwareEvent Tracking - Delta Power Management Software


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