InsightPower Client

InsightPower Client


Product Description

Functions and Features

■  Supports the DeltaSNMP communications protocol
■  Does multi hosts sleep/wakeup when combined with the InsightPower SNMP card
■  Monitors software exclusively designed for InsightPower SNMP card
■  Human-free automatic operating system close and archive
■  Supports the Windows sleep function
■  Mandatory setup response action
■  Remote UPS on-the-spot management
UPS Software Insight Power Client

Power Off Time Settings

■  Input power failure
■  Battery capacity lower than setup value
■  UPS battery voltage low
■  Timed power off 

Responsive Actions

■  Keep power events in sequence of date, time, and event description
■  Voice alert
■  Network broadcasting
■  Email
■  SMS
■ Executes external programs and commands 


■  On-the-spot digital monitoring
■  Multiple display format including: dashboard, scale, indicator and graph
■  Fast event and historical data inquiry
■ Automatic historical data statistics 


■  Weekly or by given dates
■  Power on and off time setups
■  Fast battery test
■ Deep battery test UPS Software Insight Power Client - Scheduling

Event Tracking

■  Keeps power events in sequence of date, time, and event description
■  Keeps digital records for power quality analysis

Smart Power Off

■  Press the smart power off button in web page of SNMP card to turn off any operating system installed with InsightPower Client and Shutdown Agent programs
■  Smart power off shares the same settings with battery capacity low

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