InfraSuite Manager (DCIM)

InfraSuite Manager (DCIM)


Have the entire data center at your fingertips

The paramount issue in managing a datacenter is keeping track of the myriad details that comprise the datacenter’s infrastructure. Monitoring can include determining how much power each circuit uses daily, maintaining a constant temperature across all devices, resolving problems in multiple areas at once without compromising the environmental integrity of the datacenter, and sustaining or bolstering security measures for the datacenter itself. Datacenter infrastructure management is further complicated by the fact that the data itself is constantly growing, since the data center is itself a repository for records that are being added to through regular business operations, without ever being deleted.In the past, to ensure complete and reliable datacenter monitoring, many different systems have been employed independently of each other to track all the functions of a datacenter—one system for temperature and cooling, another for security, a third for asset management, and so forth. This type of compartmentalized management is highly inefficient, and can in fact create even bigger problems than the ones it solves. Not only does each system require its own individual oversight and upkeep, but cross-system communication can be prohibitively difficult, and can sometimes result in costly errors.

The best contemporary datacenter monitoring solutions incorporate each individual system into a single central system. The InfraSuite Manager is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system that integrates all datacenter facility and IT equipment management tasks on one platform simultaneously. InfraSuite Manager includes the EnviroProbe and EnviroStation, which are designed to work together seamlessly to manage energy, power systems, cooling, environment, security, asset management, server monitoring and more.

The use of InfraSuite Manager eliminates the need for separate solutions that monitor datacenter tasks individually. InfraSuite Manager can easily integrate with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, power distribution cabinets (PDC), power distribution units (PDI), modular server racks, precision cooling, generators, and more.

Delta InfraSuite - EMS DCIM Structure


Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Management
    • Energy Management Energy consumption classifications are given using the actual device deployment of the data center in real time with historical PUE records to assist the IT manager to analyze and understand the power usage effectiveness of the data center. Customized power consumption management and electricity cost analysis are also available to help you save energy.
  • Power Management
    • Power Management The status of all electrical equipment used for power – including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution cabinets (PDC), power distribution units (PDU), and power meters – can be monitored by InfraSutie Manager. The system is also able to handle capacity management, power quality monitoring, power paths, rack current, and server power consumption analysis.
  • Cooling System Management
    • Cooling System Management The system displays the current status of cooling equipment – including the precision cooling, the chiller, and the cooling tower – together with temperature data and water-leakage alerts. The layout for the data center facility’s heat-exchange is displayed in an easy-tounderstand fashion by the rack power consumption and cooling capacity data.
  • Environment Management
    • Environment Management Various environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke detection, door contact and more, are collected by the Delta EnviroProbe(EMS1000) and EnviroStation(EMS2000).
  • Security Management
    • Security Management By combining the camera function, datacenter managers can observe the environment status in the real world remotely. The camera function includes full time recording, event-trigger recording, play back and image/ video back-up. Multiple door access control readers, controllers and user accounts can be integrated to provide the most correct information of in and out times of users.
  • Asset Management
    • Asset Management. The asset management module displays the correct installation position of servers and network equipment, and also provides capacity analysis, failure analysis, power paths, network topology, asset searching, and event management advice.
  • Server and Network Equipment Monitoring and Management
    • Net / Server Management This function covers the server and network equipment monitoring, OS shutdown protection and server power capping. To look into the server chassis environment, InfraSuite Manager can communicate with the server BMC to retrieve the power information, PCB thermal sensors, fan speed. In addition, the OOB server power control is also available. InfraSuite Manager integrates with Intel DCM to limit the maximum power consumption of servers. This feature can be used to reduce the heat generated by the servers during emergency to continue the business services.

Technical Specifications

Hardware Requirements
OS Support
Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008
CPU Speed
Hard Disk
Browser Support
IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari
Windows Applications
Windows XP SP2 and above
These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us or our distributors in your region for the latest specs.


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