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The NEW Agilon VX 600- 1500VA UPS

By Delta on April 20th, 2016

Delta Launches the Agilon VX 600-1500VA Series UPS in Australia and New Zealand

Reliable power protection for small business and home office applications

Delta Electronics, the global leader in power and thermal management solutions, introduced its Agilon VX 600-1500VA series interruptible power supply (UPS) to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. Delta’s Agilon VX series UPS is designed with microprocessor control and offers reliable power protection for PCs, Monitor, POS, and other sensitive electronics used in home offices and small businesses.

The Agilon VX series line-interactive UPS systems with integrated Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensure all electronics are receiving stable power. It offers simple plug-in installation as well as a super-compact design providing flexibility for your applications. “The Agilon VX series is designed to provide reliable and cost-effective power protection to all users of IT equipment. In addition, the Agilon VX series’ auto- shutdown software and other superior features make these units perfect for your data protection.” said Dennis Lin, Global Power Solution Director of Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) Business Unit. Delta focused on user needs specifically for small business and home office applications to develop the Agilon VX series, which provides customers with advantages such as reliability, convenience and manageability.


The Agilon VX series adopts excellent microprocessor control enabling accurate detection of power frequency to deliver higher reliability. Its advanced line-interactive technology provides automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which compensates for under and over voltage on the mains supply. Customers can rely on the UPS batteries any time as the batteries are automatically recharged even when the UPS is in off mode, and the UPS can start without mains.


The Agilon VX series offers simple plug-in installation and customers can plug computer and IT peripherals equipment easily into the UPS thanks to standard IEC 320 output sockets. In addition, its compact size saves more space for critical equipment such as workstations, small routers, bridges and hubs, point of sales systems, and more.


The Agilon VX 1000-1500VA series is equipped with a touch screen LCD (liquid crystal display) interface that provides a clear display of key UPS parameters, such as input and output voltage, load level, and battery capacity. For additional manageability, the Agilon VX series also features a standard USB communication port to enhance monitoring, and the UPS management software allows users to easily implement remote monitoring and administration.

The launch of the Agilon VX600-1500VA series provides power protection for the small power rating market and offers the advantages of reliability, convenience, and manageability.

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