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Mining Company Installs 499kW Rooftop PV System

By Nicky Callinan on March 25th, 2015

Leading Turkish mining company, Esan has used Delta’s PV inverters as part of a 499kW rooftop PV system.

With 24 mines and 6 processing plants, Esan is one of the leading producers and exporters of feldspar, quartz, kaolin, ball clay, bentonite, zinc and lead concentrate in Turkey.

2,058 solar modules were installed onto the plant rooftop and 15x 30kW and 1x 20kW Delta transformerless inverters were mounted inside concrete utility buildings in the vicinity of the processing plant.

The nature of Esan’s business operation meant it was challenging to decide where to locate the inverters for the system to avoid damage from the large amounts of dust produced during the crushing and processing of materials at the site. To overcome this, the inverters were placed in two central concrete buildings, in the vicinity of the plant to help reduce exposure to damaging dust, however this also meant the inverters were a longer distance from the array (100-150m) and a voltage drop must be considered.

Delta’s inverters were recommended for selection due to their robust electronic design and IP65 sealed chassis, allowing the units to run reliably in this challenging environment filled with dust and often beset with high ambient temperatures. It was also important that the selection of inverters offer high overload capability in a reasonably priced package and feature wide MPPT voltage ranges, both satisfied by the Delta range.

With the PV system in operation since May 2014 the environmental benefits have become quite evident. Annually the company is saving 400 tonnes of CO2 while also producing 760,000 kWh of clean electrical power.