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Introducing the new Delta 50KW Ultra-Fast Charger

By Delta on September 24th, 2018

Consistent with its motto – Smarter, Greener, Together, Delta Energy Systems is constantly striving to provide the most sustainable and best solution to electric vehicle products.

As of recent times, Delta Energy System has introduced the Delta 50KW Ultra-Fast Charger in preparation for the future electrical cars infrastructure. The aim of the Ultra-Fast Charger is to improve the efficiency and degree of convenience of a charging stations for users. With its unprecedented ‘ultra-fast’ charging speed, users no longer have to worry about a charging stations being occupied when their vehicles urgently need charging.

Despite being designed for electrical vehicles that are currently on the market, the ultra-fast charger was tested on the new Nissan leaf which is due to be released next year. This testing was done only recently at Delta Energy Systems Australia – Melbourne. And the results were as expected!

Further details can be accessed via the website below: