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Energy-Saving Elevator Upgrade

By Nicky Callinan on March 24th, 2015

Parking facility goes green: an elevator’s energy-saving upgrade with Delta’s power regenerative unit REG2000 Series

Underground parking garages are particularly energy consuming because they require elevator, lighting and ventilation systems to run all day long.

In the Sanchong District of New Taipei City, the 13-year old Zhengyi Parking Garage recently underwent an elevator system upgrade for energy savings, the first parking facility in Taiwan that has initiated this type of green endeavour.

The three-story car park has only one elevator, so it required a Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 series with a low power range (7.5kW) to be added to the existing elevator systems.

Traditionally, the deceleration of elevators requires brake resistors to convert external forces or gravity into heat for dissipation. It takes external fans or air-conditioning to cool down the heat if multiple elevators are operating at the same time. Brake resistors also need constant maintenance to guarantee normal operation. This system is time, effort, and energy-consuming.

Replacing traditional brake resistors, Delta’s Power Regenerative Units REG2000 series adopted for the elevator systems of the parking facility converted external forces and gravity during deceleration into reusable regenerative energy that could be channeled back to the power grid. This upgrade saves users installation and maintenance costs for brake resistors, and reduces the facility’s energy consumption with the power regenerated by REG2000.The brake resistors are still kept at the elevator system’s disposal. In the event of any maintenance or emergency needs, the elevator can switch between using brake resistors or Delta’s Power Regenarative Units to provide guaranteed operation.

This green upgrade of the elevators has benefited the facility with 9% elevator energy-savings, meaning for every 1 of 11 elevator rides the energy consumption is free.

In larger scale facilities, such as department stores, hospitals, or office buildings that have more floors and elevators that constantly operate, more Delta’s Power Regenerative Units would be required, however the savings would be even greater, for example, a similar upgrade adopted by the four elevators of Delta’s 7-floor Taoyuan Technology Center in Taiwan delivers 38% energy savings.

In addition to the energy-saving elevator upgrade, the facility made additional green modifications, including energy efficient LED tubes to light the basement parking area, two Delta charging poles for electric vehicles and bicycle parking racks that encourage people to use low carbon emission vehicles; and waste bins for resource recycling.

With Delta’s automation products and other green efforts, the facility hopes to save on the car park’s operation costs while also limiting its use of resources, striking a balance between business development and environmental protection.