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Delta’s Success at COP 21

By Delta on February 19th, 2016

Delta amazes the world with their energy saving strength at COP21

The Delta Group successfully and actively participated in the COP UN Climate Conference held in Paris, France. To conclude the international climate negotiations, Delta hosted a UN side conference about energy conservation. Delta and their partners joined together and lead a global discussion to remind the world of the importance of enhancing energy efficiency to control the CO2 in the atmosphere.

On the last day of the Green Buildings Exhibition, Delta invited experts, scholars, officials from the government sectors and industry leaders in energy conservation, architecture and meteorology to take a short tour of Delta’s 21 green buildings. During the tour, everyone enthusiastically exchanged ideas about how to learn from Delta’s green buildings and save more energy. The ultimate objective of this tour was to urge international communities to pay more attention to the results achieved by sustainable architecture and join hands to create a smarter, greener life in the future. Delta also invited a number of respected guests to attend their private event at the same venue. Delta reminded the international community of the necessity of energy efficiency policy formulation to control the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the rising of temperatures. Many countries around the globe have experienced unusual weather conditions such as extreme cold, and now it is imperative for us to reconsider the potential risks behind the extreme weather.

The Paris Agreement was finally announced by the foreign minister of France on December 12th last year, where it was greeted by a roar of applause in the negotiation area. The challenges have yet to present themselves, but one thing is clear: everyone can put in a little effort to counter global warming for the benefit of the next generations and for the sustainability of the planet.