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Delta’s LED Lighting Solutions at Light+Building Exhibition

By Delta on March 21st, 2016

A Living Proof of Delta’s Superiority in Integrated LED Smart Monitoring, Energy Efficiency and Power Electronics

Delta Electronics introduces at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt, a full range of LED lighting solutions featuring the integration of smart monitoring platforms, industry-leading energy efficiency as well as world-class power electronic technology. The DeltaGrid® communication platform, recently installed to support a 5,000+ street light project in Taiwan, provides cloud monitoring functionality to improve maintenance productivity of city-scale street lighting networks. The newly-launched industrial high bay LED lights Staccato series offer industry-leading efficiency of 160 lm/W and wireless connectivity via Zigbee for smart monitoring and control in green buildings and factories.


Our highly diversified spectrum of intelligent LED lighting solutions at Light+Building 2016 Frankfurt includes:

Smart / Remote Monitoring Solution for LED Street Lights: Delta provides a total solution for sustainable cities through the integration of the DeltaGrid® communication platform which collects data locally from high-efficiency LED street lights and tunnel luminaires via the Zigbee wireless protocol and sends it to cloud servers via 3G/GPRS.


Industrial High Bay LED Lighting: Our brand new wide range of industrial high bay LED luminaires Staccato series boast industry-leading efficiency of up to 160 lm/W and total output from 10,000 lm to up to 30,000 lm.


LED Driver Solutions: Delta’s programmable drivers offer substantial inventory and management costs for customers by easily programming output current.


Switching-type Driver-on-Board (SWDOB) LED Light Engine: and leverage Delta’s core competence in switching power supply, the SWDOB integrates switching-type LED driver and light source on the same printed circuit board (PCB) which is a functional architecture for the fabrication of slim and light-weight LED luminaries, especially for commercial applications.