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Delta’s Showcases new Technology at Intersolar 2016

By Delta on August 23rd, 2016

Delta’s Showcases new Technology at Intersolar 2016: 88kVA String Inverter, Battery Energy Storage System and Ultra Fast EV Charger Solution

More than 44,000 visitors from 160 countries visited the worlds’ leading exhibition for the solar industry in Munich from June 22-24 where Delta unveiled its new innovative green energy solutions. Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, presented a broad portfolio of energy-efficient solutions to optimize the harvesting of renewable energy and support the growing sustainable lifestyle trend.

M80H Series Inverters

Visitors to the Delta booth were impressed by the compact size and high power output of the world’s first 88kVA wall-mounted string inverter. To give a size comparison the M80H power module, with 88kVA output power is roughly the same size as the M50A, a 55kVA string inverter, representing an increase of more than 50% in power density.

The greatly increased power density was reached by Delta due to the use of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor components in the M80H design. The M80H is a two-stage, large DC input voltage range 200-1000V boosted solar inverter with a high peak efficiency of 98.8%, a large advantage in reaching maximum yields for solar systems that are partially shaded during the day.

The inverter offers a safe DC/AC wire connection box and built-in DC switches and AC and DC surge protection devices (SPDs) to reduce installation costs due to additional external devices. Multiple communication interfaces are available such as RS-485 and optional Ethernet.

Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System

Intelligent management solutions for solar power was also an important topic for visitors to this year’s Intersolar and Delta presented their Hybrid E5 system to address this need.

The Hybrid E5 energy storage system is composed of the E5 hybrid inverter as well as an external cabinet equipped with a 6kWh Li-ion battery, a Power Meter and a Smart Monitor. The Hybrid E5 storage system is designed for new PV systems and boasts a high charging efficiency up to 95% of DC electricity from the PV array to the battery without additional equipment needed.

The system also includes greater flexibility and simplified installation as the inverter and cabinet are separate pieces.

The Smart Monitor component controls the E5 inverter and battery functionality in an optimized way, and it also serves as a gateway for visualization via mobile devices.

High peak efficiency (PV to Grid) of 97.2% and built-in customized energy management modes for various customer needs are also key features.

The standalone feature of the Hybrid E5 inverter allows the owner to use their battery to power critical loads when the grid is not available.

EV Charging Solution

The innovative 150kW DC Ultra-fast EV Charger is capable of charging up to 4 EVs simultaneously as it supports CCS-200A, CHAdeMO-125A, Type2-63A as well as Type2-32A standards, meaning it covers practically all EVs.

With output power of up to 150kW DC and up to 65kW AC users will experience a remarkable improvement in charging times especially when, in coming years, new-generation EVs with larger battery capacity and longer driving ranges enter the market. Operators taking this EV trend into consideration for their investment in charging infrastructure will be able to provide more attractive charging services to their clients in coming years, a key success factor in their EV charging business.

Based on the major trends coming out of Intersolar, such as self-consumption, smart energy management, energy storage and string inverters for large MW-size PV plants, Delta is well positioned to offer a wide range of solutions for all of these topics now and in the future.

We are glad to help our customers get the most efficiency and benefit from their PV installations, enabling them to create a greener and cleaner environment and at the same time reduce energy costs for their homes and businesses.


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