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Delta Wins Two CSR Champion Awards from Global Views Magazine

By Nicky Callinan on June 29th, 2015

Delta Wins Two CSR Champion Awards from Global Views Magazine for the 3rd Consecutive Year – its 12th award in 11 years.

Delta was recently honoured with the 11th annual Global Views Magazine CSR Champion Award for both the CSR Survey of overall performance and the Education and Promotion categories.

Delta is the only enterprise that has received the Champion Award in two categories for three consecutive years.

In addition, Delta’s founder and honorary chairman, Bruce Cheng, was awarded the CSR Lifetime Contribution Award for his long term dedication to the issues of energy conservation and climate change as well as his leadership in making Delta a model CSR enterprise.

Delta’s “Run for Water, Water for Run” project was praised for its timely promotion of water conservation to prevent drought and water shortages. In addition, Delta’s long term dedication to sustainability management and corporate citizenship was widely recognized by its stakeholders. Delta’s 2014 CSR performance included saving a total of 14.8 billion kWh of electricity, which is equal to a reduction of around 7.9 million tons of CO2 emissions, from 2010 to 2014; reducing electricity consumption by 50% for every US$100 worth of products; as well as saving 13 million kWh of electricity at Delta’s 11 green buildings worldwide in 2014.

“Environmental sustainability is a long term issue. Delta’s original vision was to care about the Earth’s environment, and it turned out to be a good business opportunity as we implement it daily. There is always a smart way for an enterprise to meet the challenge of both pursuing profit and implementing CSR at the same time. We encourage more companies to become a positive force for society.” said Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder and honorary chairman of Delta.

“For years, Delta’s employees have followed our mission, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” in daily operations and business development. This is a major factor in Delta’s constantly enhancing operational performance and fulfilling CSR at the same time. As we align our central CSR strategy and focus on local CSR issues, we have adopted the concept of “Glocalization”. We plan to develop our CSR efforts both broad and deep by expanding our local CSR organization and promoting international environmental education with volunteers.” emphasized Mr. Yancey Hai, chairman of Delta Electronics.

“Considering climate trends from UN climate reports and the “El Nino” forecast, the foundation’s exhibition of “Water for Run, Run for Water” used cultural and creative ways to raise people’s awareness of the current status of the world’s water resources, especially Taiwan. We hope to inspire people to save water in advance of the coming water shortages, and we expect to facilitate relevant changes in Taiwan’s water-related policies. Enhancing people’s concern for global warming’s impact on water resource is consistent with Delta’s dedication to environmental education,” expressed Shan-Shan Guo, executive director of the Delta Electronics Foundation.

Launched in 2005, Global Views’ annual CSR Awards comprehensively assesses corporate social responsibility performance and related programs. The 11th Global Views CSR Awards includes a CSR Survey and categories of Enterprise Happiness, Environment Friendly, Education and Promotion, and Public Welfare Promotion.