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Delta Upgrades EV DC Fast Charger to Deliver the Most Energy Efficient Charging Solution.

By Nicky Callinan on March 22nd, 2017


When moving into our new facility in Notting Hill 3 years ago Delta was quick to initiate a number of advanced energy efficiency measures.

This included installing a 12.5kW PV system to offset some of our own electricity consumption and replacing the warehouse lighting with Delta branded industrial LED high bay luminaires.

The servers at Delta are protected by the N-series UPS system to provide backup power to the communication and data infrastructure.

These measures are complemented by our corporate electric vehicle, which we charge on-site using the Delta AC wallmount 7kW charger or, alternatively, our publicly accessible DC EV Quick Charger.  The EV Quick Charger  supports the CHAdeMO charging standard and has been recently upgraded to support the CCS Combo type 1 format found in vehicles like the BMW i3 EV. This 50kW capable DC charger is the largest DC charger in Melbourne’s south-east and it is available for members of the public to use it. We simply ask for a gold coin donation that will be passed to CERES Community Environment Park, East Brunswick.  For more information you can find us on Plugshare.


Here’s what some people have to say about Delta’s EV Quick Charger.



(Comments from Plugshare.)