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Delta to Unveil Two New UPS Models at DCD Converged 2015 in Sydney

By Nicky Callinan on July 31st, 2015

Delta will unveil two brand new UPS systems to the Australian market at Data Centre Dynamics Converged.

Delta will exhibit at DCD Converged 2015 in Sydney on 3-4 August to unveil two brand new UPS systems to the Australian market: the ultra-reliable HPH 20-120kVA and the modular DPH 75-200kVA.

In this era of Big Data, the top challenges IT managers are facing are data growth, the flexibility of datacenter infrastructure, and the cost of power. Delta’s UPS systems offer unparalleled protection for critical business operations by preventing damage to servers, computers and other ITC equipment from surges or power failures.

HPH 20-120kVA

Facilitating increased energy efficiency as well as ultimate availability, the Delta Ultron HPH is an ideal solution for customers to achieve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization, and it offers the right features to meet specific customer requirements:

  • High Energy Efficiency: With a three level IGBT topology, the Ultron HPH features 96% AC-AC efficiency and 99% efficiency in ECO mode. The Ultron HPH delivers fully rated power (output power factor=1, kVA=kW) providing maximum power capacity to the load without de-rating the UPS.
  • Ultimate Availability: Besides high energy efficiency, the Ultron HPH series UPS also offers high system availability resulting from its wide input voltage range of -40% to +20%, key component redundancy and superior front-access serviceability. For the new models 60-120kVA, the advanced swappable interior architecture can isolate failures and significantly reduce maintenance time and cost.
  • Greater Flexibility: The Ultron HPH series can be optimally deployed as standalone, N+X or hot stand-by configurations. A synchronized multiple bus that achieves 2N reliability level is also available for 60-120kVA models. The series offers capacity expansion up to 4 units (up to 480kVA) without requiring extra hardware. The adjustable charging current and battery voltage help to adapt to different types of batteries, and the flexible battery quantity optimizes your battery investment.

DPH 75-200kVA

Engineered with a cutting-edge design, the fully modular Delta Modulon DPH series UPS can provide customers with three core benefits:

  • Ultimate Availability: The Modulon DPH has a fully fault-tolerant design achieved by self redundancy of the power module with inbuilt control mechanism. Full control logic allows the system to self-synchronize in the event of a main module failure and automatically switch to a backup to ensure continuous operation. Further advantages, such as hot-swappable functionality of critical components and modules can improve the serviceability of the UPS system thereby reducing MTTR close to zero and assuring maximum uptime and ultimate availability in the datacenter.
  • High Scalability: The Modulon DPH is designed for seamless scalability for both vertical and horizontal expansion. Scaling from 25kW up to 75/150/200kW in a standard 19” rack enclosure, the Modulon DPH supports high flexibility for datacenter growth and provides the benefit of “pay as you go” without over-sizing the UPS in the initial phase of datacenter operations. As business demands grow, the flexibility of the Modulon DPH also allows parallel expansion of up to four units to a maximum of 800kW.
  • Leading Power Performance and Efficiency: While achieving ultimate availability, the Modulon DPH does not compromise on power efficiency performance. Its superior power performance (kVA=kW) and industry-leading AC-AC efficiency (95% at 30% light load and 96% from 50% load) enables customers to save significant energy costs.

DCD Converged returns for its 6th year in Australia, with an agenda of cutting edge topics and high-profile speakers focusing on the dynamic growth of cloud, IT and data centers(DCs) as business drivers and the convergence of technologies that makes this possible.

Over 2 days, 5 focused industry tracks of panels, end-user case studies, an extended Expo Hall and Solution Stages, this annual industry event will address the most critical issues surrounding cloud adoption, data center design and strategy, IT and networks upgrade, critical environment, security and risk, and much more.

Come and visit the Delta team at Booth# 10, Australia Technology Park in Sydney on 3-4 August, 2015.