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Delta Showcases its Latest Energy Management Solutions and Products at Techno-Frontier 2015

By Nicky Callinan on June 29th, 2015

Delta exhibited its latest developments in high-performance and energy-efficient products and solutions at the Techno-Frontier 2015 show in Japan last month.

Delta presented its AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2-E Series that supports worldwide communication EtherCAT for motion control in factory automation, PV inverters equipped with output control functions that comply with the new output suppression rule of Japan’s METI, as well as a variety of energy-saving infrastructure applications for networking, telecom, and EV charging.

C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Japan said: “Delta’s showcase at Techno-Frontier demonstrates not only Delta’s expertise in power management and industrial automation but also our commitment to technology innovation and energy efficiency. We are introducing a wide range of the latest applications for Delta’s products and solutions, such as 20kW PV inverters for Japan’s first large-scale (15MW) distributed solar PV power plant, the EtherCAT AC Servo Drives for global deployment of factory automation, the new DeltaGrid™ platform for metering and energy management, and more.”

Highlights of Delta’s Techno-Frontier 2015 showcase included:

  • Industrial Automation: the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2-E Series that support worldwide communication EtherCAT for motion control in factory automation. Also featured are Delta’s industrial automation solutions for solar pump applications and standardized power supplies for medical and industrial automation equipment.
  • PV inverters: equipped with remote control (output control) functions that comply with the new output suppression rule of Japan’s METI in the Renewable Energy zone. The line-up covers a wide range of applications from residential to middle to mega solar power plants, including 20kW RPI M20A PV inverters for Japan’s first large-scale (15MW) distributed solar PV power plant, with a basic design featuring high efficiency, multi-string, lightweight, low-noise, and anti-salt corrosion.
  • The new DeltaGrid™ platform: for metering and energy management, which will soon be installed in piloted residential areas in Japan. As a highly integrated communication platform, DeltaGrid™ applies the latest G3-PLC and Wi-SUN technologies to data concentrators, data collectors and meters, with application software for backend servers that provide a flexible and reliable metering solution to ESCo (Energy Services Company) and power aggregators. Visitors can also experience real-time monitoring of electricity consumption data of commercial buildings through the DeltaGrid™ system.
  • Thermal management: a wide range of products including fans and heat-sinks; high-efficiency fans for PV inverters and general purpose inverters, and ventilation fans utilizing high efficiency DC motors in the FAN/Thermal Management Solution zone.

In addition, Delta also exhibited new solutions such as EV charging communication networks, thin-film chip devices and DC high voltage power supply systems for data centres.