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Delta Presents in Rome

By Delta on March 20th, 2016

Delta EMEA 2016 Annual Kick-off Meeting Held in Rome

Delta EMEA’s Annual 2016 Kick-off Meeting was held in Rome, Italy with the participation of about 150 Delta colleagues from Europe, Middle East and Africa. The meeting has kept its character as the best occasion to present Delta EMEA’s business development goals, new products and award the achievements.

The first two days were entirely dedicated to the conference. After a warm welcome and an introduction on mega trends, Jackie Chang, President and General Manager of Delta EMEA, made his introduction giving to all the guidelines for the incoming year. Review of 2015 and outlooks to the targets for 2016 and beyond, by the different business units followed, including TPSBU, Eltek, IABG, MCISBU, DSBU, Solar Power, System Integration, Power Electronics, Vivitek, Innergie, Digital Projection and New Business.


An opportunity to meet the Vatican’s Pope Francis during this kick-off meeting was unforgettable. During the midweek papal audience, Jackie Chang, met Pope Francis personally and had a short discussion with him. Jackie asked the Pope to bless his large team which was attending in the magnificent Venue of Aula Paolo VI, the Auditorium designed by the famous architect Nervi, and did the “baciamano” (hand kissing as sign of respect to the Pope), also offering a symbolic present, an Innergie PocketCell Duo, customized for the Pope with the serigraphy “Energia per Papa Francesco” (Energy for Pope Francis).


During the Audience, the Pope focused his message on mercy, multicultural integration and sustainability, which are topics consistent with Delta’s corporate culture and gave official regards to the whole Delta team which was standing with branded flags.


It has been a special moment for the Delta family which properly reflects the essence of the papal message: a multi-racial and multi-religious company, working on Sustainability for a better tomorrow. It was an event of magnificent significance and the Delta team was enchanted by the Pope speech which has been translated in several languages.


The last activity was a bike-riding team-building competition in which the participants had the unique chance to run along the main and most ancient streets of Rome among the most famous and wonderful monuments such as the Colosseum, Imperial Forums, Circus Maximus and up on Aventino hill ending to the panoramic Orange Garden from where all colleagues could enjoy a unique Rome sightseeing. The participants, divided in three teams: green, white and red, in honor of the Italian flag, rode in the heart of Rome, an open-air museum. The event reminded everyone the values of synergy, teambuilding and agility.


The meeting was arranged by the Delta Italy team which is located in Rome and is led by Managing Director Idilio Ciuffarella. This is a strategic site for the EMEA business and it is rapidly growing.