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Delta MCIS Technical Bulletin – shutdown agent

By Delta on March 21st, 2016

Delta shutdown agent 2012 is now compatible with IBM AIX 7.1.

Delta Energy Systems Australia has released a UPS shutdown agent that is compatible with IBM AIX version 7.1 operating system.

The software package can be downloaded from Delta’s ‘Software Download’ site:


The shutdown agent 2012 works in conjunction with the SNMP Card or UPSentry 2012 to provide the graceful, unattended shutdown for multiple computer systems over an entire network.

  • Support SNMPv1, v3 trap
  • Provides web interface through HTTP and HTTPS
  • Provides the batch configuration to deploy settings in one click
  • Forward SNMP trap to increase protection up to 255 servers
  • Supports up to 32 input trap sources for redundant (logical OR) and parallel (logical AND) application
  • Provides console configuration for basic system parameter setups