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Delta Launches MV Drive Alliance at iMARC 2015

By Delta on October 23rd, 2015

In a pioneering move for the industry, Delta, I S Systems and Marubeni will together present their MV Drive alliance partnership at iMARC 2015.

Delta Energy Systems Australia will be exhibiting at the second annual International Mining and Resources Conference (iMARC), to officially launch its MV Drive alliance partnership with I S Systems and Marubeni Australia on 10- 12th November 2015.

Under the new arrangement I S Systems is Delta’s primary systems integration partner for Medium Voltage Drives (MVD) in Australia, with capital support for large infrastructure projects in a variety of industrial automation application from Marubeni Australia.



In a pioneering move for the industry, this new alliance will bring a differentiation in the market through delivery of expertise to clients with the highly experienced 100% Australian owned company, I S Systems, and provide a higher performance-to-cost ratio of support and service integration, with Delta MV Drives.

IMARC is the integral International Mining and Resources Conference held in Melbourne to inform and inspire through leading international leaders, ministers, financiers and technology people and companies.

The alliance will be targeting heavy industry sectors such as mining, oil and gas, water, power generation and metal and cement processing. In particular, there will be a strong focus on constant, variable and regenerative torque applications where MVDs (3.3kV to 11kV) are used to drive equipment such as pumps, conveyors, crushers, blowers and compressors.

In this dynamic market – where electricity costs are rising and commodity prices are falling – Australia’s industrial sector is looking at new ways to improve their bottom line and maximise efficiency.

One crucial area in the pursuit of competitive advantage in the global market is adopting the more efficient technological infrastructure of medium voltage drives (MVDs) to suit large scale operations, over traditional low-voltage drive technology (LV VSDs) and soft starters.

While commonly used LV VSD technology has become more efficient in recent years – with an average 40% electricity reduction for motor use, and related CO2) – its use in large industrial environments often exceeds capacity, becoming costly and inefficient to run, negating any energy-savings they were installed to achieve. This is an important consideration in calculating the cost per tonne and cost per kW to manufacture or process material.

As industry accounts for one-third of the world’s electricity consumption and electric motors consume 65% of industrial electricity, the potential global energy savings from a wider use of VSDs would be substantial. For an industrial enterprise, specifically MVDs can reduce energy costs, minimise wear on motors and other equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

Delta will exhibit its MV Drive solution to the heavy industry and mining sector during iMARC 2015 on 10 -12 November at Booth B10, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia.