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Delta is Named the Best Global Brand in Taiwan for 2015

By Delta on November 19th, 2015

For 5 Consecutive Years Delta has been named the best Global Brand in Taiwan with a 17% Increase in Brand Value


For the fifth consecutive year Delta Electronics has been names the ‘Best Taiwan Global Brand, by Interbrand and the Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau. The brand value of Delta has increased 17% to US$ 199 million in 2015 making Delta the only company with double-digit growth for the past three years. This recognition affirms Delta’s efforts in continually developing new products and technology that fit global environmental business trends.


Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Chief Brand Officer of Delta Electronics, attended the award ceremony on behalf of Delta, and remarked, “Delta has a unique value proposition and innovative technology and products. With the imminent challenge of climate change, Delta’s business development closely aligns with its CSR. Delta continues to provide high energy efficiency products and solutions that have helped our customers save nearly 14.8 billion kWh of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by about 7.9 million tons of CO2e from 2010 to 2014.”


From 2010 to 2014 Delta has successfully reduced its electricity intensity (energy used per product value) by 50%. By engaging in the CDP’s Commit to Action initiative, Delta promises a further 30% reduction in electricity intensity by 2020 to fulfil its mission: “To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), Delta will present its energy-saving solutions as well as the 21 green buildings, constructed over the past 10 years at the Grand Palais in Paris, and share their technology achievements.


The brand survey was organized by Interbrand and the Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau. Using Interbrand’s professional assessment process and criteria, the survey evaluates the brand value of Taiwan’s top companies. Delta is yet again able to successfully confirm that their brand strategy matches its corporate mission and business development.

Delta Achieves 'Best Taiwan Global Brand'Delta best taiwan global brand