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Delta Showcases Energy Efficient Automation Solutions at Ozwater 2017.

By Delta on May 25th, 2017


Delta Energy Systems Australia this month showcased a number of its innovative and clean energy solutions for water treatment applications at Australia’s international water conference Ozwater 2017.

Featured this year was Delta’s Power Quality technology, which featured a live demonstration of the Active Power Filter APF2000 Series. The demonstration showed the device monitoring load current and filters harmonics in real-time, with total response time of <20ms to enable improved power factor of up to 96%, reducing harmonics (THDi) <5%, thereby lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs for industrial systems.

Another exciting showcase was Delta’s High Durability Vector Control Drive CFP2000 Series. The CFP2000 features built-in DC choke, EMC filter, PLC with 10k steps, real-time clock (RTC) and BACnet MS/TP communication. The built-in PLC function saves system costs for simple applications. The built-in DC choke effectively helps reduce harmonics and meet the international standard EN61000-3-12. The built-in EMC filter is compliance with C2 and C1 class. Moreover, uses can select optional built-in mains switch to ensure operator’s safety and provide convenient maintenance process.

Delta was also joined by iOpen, a wholly owned Australian company that specialises in the supply, service and support of automation products to provide expert advice on System Solutions.

Every year, Ozwater offers the opportunity for those working across the water industry to showcase new innovations and technologies, and work together for a sustainable water future.