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Delta Executive Awarded “Automation Field Leader of 2014”

By Nicky Callinan on July 16th, 2015

Delta Senior V.P. and IA Business Group General Manager Mr. Simon Chang Awarded “Chinese Automation Field Leader of 2014”

The China Automation Industry Annual Conference 2015 (CAIAC 2015), has awarded Mr. Simon Chang, Delta’s Senior V.P. and Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) General Manager, as “Chinese Automation Field Leader of 2014”. The annual ceremony, an important automation event in China held in Beijing, is sponsored by the Chinese Association of Automation and hosted by Automation Panorama magazine.

In addition, Delta’s Packaging Machine Automation Modification Project also won an award for “Top 10 Most Influential OEM Projects in the Automation Field” with its innovative products, solutions and service. The project adopts Delta’s midrange PLC AH500 Series with the motion control module 20MC that supports 20M communication speeds to form a complete e-CAM structure solution. The solution effectively solves issues such as extreme noise and inconvenient maintenance, while enhancing productivity and reducing production cost. It is the perfect industrial application model for new industry-specific machinery and equipment building.

As the leader of Delta’s industrial automation business, Simon Chang has been dedicated to the development of China’s automation industry. With years of effort in enterprise development, social responsibility, research and innovation, education, and application studies, Simon has led the growth of Delta’s IABG as well as its contributions to industry and society. With considerable public influence and standing, Simon has continuously promoted China’s automation industry and won the respect of the global industry.

The award recognizes Simon’s achievements, which include:

  1. Two-digit growth in a declining market

For the automation industry, 2014 was a year of decline. Simon led the IABG in the face of crisis with a new development strategy. He focused on low-end markets while targeting high-end markets with expanding production lines. He also focused attention on projects in target markets, achieving two-digit growth in 2014 while promoting Delta’s automation brand to the global market.

  1. Bringing the brand promise of “Smarter. Greener. Together.” to China

Simon promoted Delta’s brand promise of “Smarter. Greener. Together.” to the China market with energy management products and technologies, and customized service. With solutions for industrial automation, datacenter power supply, display and monitoring systems, and smart building management systems, Delta has moved from ODM to an own-brand solution provider.

  1. Building a “Chinese Automation System”

In 2014, Simon indicated that Delta would become a leading Chinese brand in the industrial automation field with its broad range of products, professional solutions and established sales channels. For now, Delta is integrating the resources to build a “Chinese Automation System” to provide outstanding, economical, and energy-saving solutions for its customers in China.

Simon was honored to win the award again and dedicated it to all IABG members for their efforts over the past decade. He thanked the Chinese Association of Automation, and promised to continue striving for a better tomorrow to the automation field.