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Delta Delivers Power Quality Solutions for High Quality Welding Agriculture Machinery

By Delta on October 20th, 2015

Delta Static Var Generation SVG2000 Series Delivers High Quality Welding for Agriculture Machinery

One of the leading agriculture machinery companies in China is currently using CO2 arc welding for its manufacturing. During the CO2 arc welding process, a constant voltage power supply is essential for acquiring high quality welding results. After evaluating various power quality management products from different companies, the customer decided to adopt the Delta Static Var Generation SVG2000 Series at its welding shops to maintain a clean, efficient and stable power supply.

150915_news_eng_pic005Welding is one of the most important production processes for agriculture machinery. The quality of power used for welding has a direct impact on the welding results that can affect the quality of an agriculture machine. In conventional welding shops, major facilities such as welding machines and press machines can create impulse transients and cause power disturbances while operating. Without a proper power quality management solution, the power problem will cause energy waste and shorten the equipment lifetime.

The Delta SVG2000 series:

1. Provides instant and comprehensive reactive power compensation with a response rate of 5ms
2. Compensates both leading and lagging reactive current and improves power factor to 0.95+
3. Filters 13 order harmonics
4. Offers IP21 rating and a highly efficient thermal management design

After adopting the Delta SVG2000 series, the customer achieved significant power quality improvement in its welding shops.

• Before adopting the Delta SVG2000 series, the power factor of the customer’s welding shops was only 0.5~0.7, which wasted a huge amount of energy. After adopting the Delta SVG2000, the power factor soared to 0.95, a 30% improvement for the customer’s welding shops. This helped the customer save a great deal of money on electricity costs.

• The operating current of CO2 arc welding is around 60A~350A. The instantaneous current of a single welding machine can be up to 350A within a millisecond. The total harmonic distortion (THD) before adopting the Delta SVG2000 series was 22.6%. After implementing Delta’s power quality solution, the THD of the system decreased to 5.7%. The Delta SVG2000 successfully improved the power quality.