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Delta Delivers High-efficiency Solutions for Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

By Nicky Callinan on June 30th, 2015

Delta has recently introduced its automatic liquid filling solutions to a food and packaging machinery supplier in Chengdu, China.

A liquid filling machine is used to fill various types of liquids into different shaped containers. Following smart manufacturing trends, automatic liquid filling machines have become more and more popular in the market and are widely applied to many industries, such as food and packaging, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics and personal care.

The solution adopts several Delta products including programmable logistic controllers (PLC), human machine interfaces (HMI), motion control systems, machine vision systems and industrial power supplies. This integrated solution delivers precise and reliable control for optimal liquid filling results. It also provides a user-friendly interface and stable high voltage power supply.

In this automatic system, the liquid filling process is controlled by the Delta DVP10MC Series PLC and ASDA-A2 Series AC servo drive. The integrated system enhances accuracy and speed for volume filling and provides flexibility for filling various types of liquids, such as water or highly viscous fluids. Delta’s DMV Series machine vision system inspects the liquid level to confirm filling results. With high speed and repeatability, Delta’s filling solution minimizes liquid waste to reduce cost. Delta’s full-colored 7” DOP-B07 Series HMI provides a user-friendly interface for operators to setup filling parameters and monitor real-time status. In addition, Delta’s industrial power supply helps provide a stable high voltage power source to enhance system stability and safety.

Automatic liquid filling machines are important for boosting the productivity of manufacturers and creating competiveness. With solid experience and enthusiasm, Delta introduces high-efficiency automatic liquid filling solutions and continues to deliver benefits to our customers around the world.

Delta’s automatic liquid filling system integrates various automation products, including the DVP10MC Series PLC, ASDA-A2 Series servo motor drive, DMV Series machine vision system and DOP-B Series HMI to deliver high precision and reliable controls.


Delta’s integrated automatic liquid filling machine solutions help customers boost productivity and create competitiveness.