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Delta Control Automation Used in Chocolate Castors

By Nicky Callinan on March 24th, 2015

Delta’s control automation system used in castor machines to target premier chocolate brands.

A food manufacturing equipment company in China has employed Delta’s automated control system solutions to optimize its production processes and enhance the production efficiency of its chocolate castor machine.

The customer wanted to develop a new chocolate castor machine that can be used in the production of upscale chocolate brands.

A chocolate castor machine entails core work processes such as pouring of liquid chocolate, automatic baking and drying.

To ensure the quality and unique taste of the chocolate, the customer set a very high requirement on the control of timing, movement, strength and precision for every work process. In response, Delta team offered a control system solution that consists of products such as a DVP20PM00M series tri-axial motion controller, DOP-B series 10-inch HMI interface, ASDA-B2 series servo motor drive and mono-axial positioning module, which was well-received after being released into the market.

Following its release into the market, the new chocolate caster machine received positive feedback with orders from many food manufacturing companies under different brand names. With increased confidence from customers, four other models of food manufacturing equipment based on the Delta control system were successively introduced and the partnership with Delta continued for development into new areas.