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Delta Achieves High-speed Communication and Stable Control for a Hot-dip Galvanizing Production Line

By Nicky Callinan on June 30th, 2015

Delta Industrial Automation Achieves High-speed Communication and Stable Control for a Hot-dip Galvanizing Production Line

Galvanization is a common anti-corrosion technology, and hot-dip galvanization is one of the most widely adopted methods in the industry. The process of hot-dip galvanization is to immerse processed steels in a bath of molten zinc, and the extremely hot zinc will then form a protective coating on the steel to effectively prevent corrosion. The galvanized steel provides a beautiful finish and protective layer, and the technology is very popular in the industry.

The hot-dip galvanizing production line environment can be extremely harsh, and there are strict requirements for stable communication and system automation. Delta Industrial Automation (IA) has recently provided a customer in the Middle East with a hot-dip galvanizing automation solution, and has greatly improved the communication quality issues of the customer’s old MODBUS communication system. The solution met customer requirements for higher production efficiency and speed.

Delta’s hot-dip galvanizing automation solution adopts the Human Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and AC Motor Drive. In addition, the solution’s communication relies on Delta’s high-speed CANopen communication for high-speed production with enhanced quality and efficiency.

The 10.1-inch Widescreen HMI DOP-B10E615 Series was adopted for the operation and control panel. Its user-friendly software DOPSoft allows users to quickly edit images and graphics, and easily set suitable communication protocols to make the production line more flexible and smarter.

For the control system, Delta adopted the DVP-SA2 Series PLC, which provides fast logic operation, bountiful instructions, and multiple function cards. The DVP-SA2 Series also offers 100 kHz high-speed output and counting functions for excellent motion control. With the DVPCOPM-SL Series CANopen Master extension module, it further provides a robust, high-speed industrial communication network.

Delta’s solution also provided theC2000 Series AC Motor Drive for the variable frequency control of the clamping equipment on the galvanizing production line. The equipment clamps steel into the molten zinc bath, waits for the galvanization process to complete, and removes the finished products from the molten zinc bath. The C2000 Series controls the process clamping equipment with variable frequency control that achieves energy savings. The C2000 Series supports both asynchronous and synchronous motors, and features a modular design for easy maintenance and various extensions. It is adaptable to harsh industrial environments, and can be quickly integrated with a control system through the CANopen communication cards, enhancing total production efficiency with smooth and rapid communication.

Delta’s solution provides customers with a high-speed and high-efficiency solution for hot-dip galvanization. It greatly enhances the production efficiency and saves time and labour costs.

Delta’s hot-dip galvanizing automation solution is adaptable to harsh industrial environments, effectively improves communication quality, and enhances production efficiency.


Delta’s hot-dip galvanizing automation solution adopts a variety of Delta IA products, and fulfills high speed production with a CANopen communication system.


The C2000 Series controls equipment on the hot-dip galvanizing production line with variable frequency control to achieve energy savings.