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Delta AC Motor Drive VFD-E Series Reaches Sales Milestone of 1 Million Worldwide

By Nicky Callinan on May 27th, 2015

Delta Industrial Automation announced milestones for its intelligent multifunction micro drive, VFD-E Series, which reached sales of 1 million worldwide in early December 2014.

This excellent achievement represents Delta’s dedication to providing innovative automation products, as well as successfully extending its AC motor drive business into the highly competitive world market.

The VFD-E Series is a micro drive that is multifunctional for various applications. It was launched in 2006 and soon became very popular in the market. Delta’s product manager Mr. Jerry Chen said, “The special feature of the VFD-E Series is its built-in PLC function. It provides an easier way to write and execute simple PLC programs and reduces system costs by saving on an additional PLC. When launched in 2006, the VFD-E Series became an icon among other AC motor drive products of similar power range in the market.”

Delta’s VFD-E Series delivers accurate control of speed and torque, and can smoothly handle an increased load. It features a built-in EMI filter and RFI switch to effectively minimize interference and enhance control quality. In addition, the innovative high-efficiency cooling design of the VFD-E Series allows side-by-side installation and DIN RAIL mounting, which provides flexibility in arranging space for users.

Delta’s VFD-E Series is enhancing machine automation and efficiency for many applications in various industries, including smaller cranes, robot arms of injection machines (clamps), grinding machines, drilling machines, wood machines, webbing looms, and air conditioning and water supply systems for large buildings.