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CSIRO Installs Delta AC EV Chargers

By Delta on April 20th, 2016

CSIRO Goes Green with Delta’s AC EV Chargers

CSIRO installed two of Delta’s AC EV Chargers to charge electric vehicles onsite to take further steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The first two of 10 petrol-free, electric cars and two additional electric bikes have been delivered to staff at CSIRO’s Discovery Centre at Black Mountain, Canberra.

“We are rolling out these new electric cars across seven of our sites to enable petrol-free motoring within CSIRO’s pool of fleet vehicles,” CSIRO General Manager, Building and Infrastructure Services, Mark Wallis said. “With the addition of solar PV panels at our sites, we aim to generate more than enough renewable energy to charge and run the cars, making them emission free. This is certainly a greener alternative when you consider that the manufacturers say: ‘parts of the interior and bodywork are made from recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts and home appliances’.”

Other CSIRO locations that will install Delta’s AC EV chargers will include in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Townsville and Newcastle.

“The cars and electric bikes are the latest in a raft of initiatives to lower emissions, reduce waste and improve the sustainability of operations across CSIRO,” Mr Wallis said. “Together with electric cars and these sustainability measures, where it makes good sense, we are reducing our environmental footprint by consolidating our operations at key sites, as we have just done at Black Mountain, Canberra,” Mr Wallis said.


About Delta EV AC Charger:

Small, light, and smart in design, the Delta AC Charger continues to lead in the EV charger market. It is available in several advanced features: delay timer, and the wired and wireless network communication capability. Not only saving the energy, the integration with back office can further authenticate the user and provide value-add services. The Delta AC Charger is definitely the ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

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