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CNC Solution for Steel Plate Processing on Gantry Drilling Machines

By Nicky Callinan on July 31st, 2015

Delta’s complete CNC solution for steel plate processing on gantry drilling machines

Delta’s Industrial Automation Group (IABG) recently provided a customer in Jiangsu, China, with a complete CNC solution for steel plate processing on gantry drilling machines. The CNC solution successfully delivered a highly efficient, high performance machine tool system that greatly improved the customer’s production efficiency.

To drill on the hard surface of steel plate, the customer’s CNC machine requires high precision and stability for the numerical control system. The customer adopted gantry drilling machines to process especially large materials. The two axes alongside the material, or gantry, must be synchronized during the process to prevent machine damage caused by the disparity of the axes.

Delta’s CNC solution integrates its CNC Controller, AC motor drive, and AC servo drive and motors. It performs high-speed and highly precise logical motion calculations and transmits the calculation results and operation orders to the AC servo drives of the ASDA-M Series via Delta’s high-speed communication system DMCNET (frequency: 1ms). The ASDA-M Series then controls the AC servo motors of the ECMA Series to precisely perform drilling, and pass operation data back to the main controller via two-way high-speed data transfer.

The ASDA-M Series includes 3-axis servo drives in one frame to support real-time data exchange among X, Y, Z axes without any time delay. Users can perform linear/arc/helical interpolation functions easily. The ASDA-M series also features a new gantry control function for synchronous control that is precisely adapted to pure rigid mechanical systems. The AC servo motor ECMA Series, implements a 20-bit (1,280,000 p/rev) superior resolution encoder. Together, the ASDA-M Series and ECMA Series achieve high precision drilling, while offering the best product quality with a low defect rate.

In addition, Delta adopts AC Motor Drive VFD Series to control the machine tool’s spindle. The VFD Series transfers analog data sent from the CNC controller for a corresponding speed, making sure the spindle operates steadily at high speed. This helps the machine tool maintain normal operation.

Delta’s CNC solution has a simple structure and rapid communication system. It is highly integrated, steady, and reliable, and provides high precision, high efficiency, and best product quality for the customer. Widely praised by customers, Delta’s IABG continues to provide highly effective solutions that increase customer competitiveness in various industries.


Delta CNC Solution

The CNC solution delivers a highly efficient, high performance machine tool system for the customer, improving production efficiency and reducing the defect rate.


Delta’s CNC Solution provided a complete CNC solution for steel plate processing on a gantry drilling machine.