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Delta Unveils Megawatt UPS for Hyper-scale Data Centers

By Delta on July 29th, 2019

Delta Ultron DPS600kVA UPS

Delta’s Ultron DPS 600kVA UPS features megawatt power capacity with parallel configurations and the world’s smallest footprint, which makes it the best suited backup power solution for hyper-scale data centres that greatly require power density and space utilisation.

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced the global launch of its Ultron DPS series 600kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in response to growing demands from colocation or cloud service providers to build hyper-scale data centres. The Ultron DPS 600kVA is a mono-block UPS system, which supports megawatt power capacity with up to 8 parallel units and the world’s smallest footprint, and creates more space for revenue-generating IT racks. The new DPS series features proactive intelligence. By self-diagnosing the status of key components and the system, the UPS gives pre-warnings to IT managers to minimise downtime risks, and further lower the total cost of ownership.
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LOYTEC Aligns with Delta

By Delta on May 20th, 2016

LOYTEC to Join Delta Group for Smarter and Greener Building Automation Together

Delta Electronics, Inc., a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, and LOYTEC Group today jointly announced that Delta Electronics’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Delta Electronics International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., has acquired shareholdings in Loy Tec electronics GmbH and Innocontrol electronics GmbH (hereinafter referred to as LOYTEC) for 72 million Euros (approximately NTD 2.6 billion) on April 28, 2016. The acquisition transaction will be carried out in two phases with an 85% shareholdings in both companies acquired first after signing the contract. Delta expects to acquire the remaining 15% shareholdings in both companies in the future.

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AS/NZS5033:2014 Compliant Earth Fault Alarm

By Nicky Callinan on June 30th, 2015

To simplify compliance with the new AS/NZS5033 standard, Delta now offers an even easier solution for installers, using a 12Vdc strobe light connected to the inverter’s internal power source.

From 11 July 2015, the AS/NZS5033 standard requires newly installed PV systems to have an Earth Fault Alarm system connected.

All current Delta RPI inverters have the capability to satisfy AS/NZS5033 and can achieve compliance via the installation of an external alarm signal.

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Delta Signs Avnet to Deliver UPS Solutions

By Nicky Callinan on February 25th, 2015

Delta Energy Systems, the global leader in power and thermal management solutions, and Avnet Technology Solutions, the global IT solutions distribution leader and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), together announced today that they have signed a distribution agreement. Under the agreement, Avnet’s Australian channel partners will now have access to Delta’s full Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) range which is trusted by leading organisations across a wide array of industries, from financial institutions and medical centres to small businesses.

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